Music on the Day

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It is very important to remember, that every wedding hosts a very mixed crowd, all having their own favourite music type. On the day, the more experienced band will be able to accommodate all, and keep the party swinging.

Choosing an experienced wedding band will takes much of the stress away, and let you concentrate on enjoying the occasion.

Whither your guests are mature, young, or indeed a very mixed gathering as most weddings are, “Concord`s” huge repertoire of song guarantees that the dance floor is the place to be, all night long. If the orders of the night are waltz`s, quicksteps & foxtrots Concord have the perfect sound to meet the request. Alternatively, if you want to rock it up and boogie all night long, simply inform the band and get you’re dancing shoes on. Concords set list covers music from the 60`s, 70`s, 80`s, and right up to the present day hits.

For more info on our music type, please click on our Playlist page where all is detailed.